CHF 4 million for ClearSpace’s robot cleaner

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ClearSpace has closed its first financing round, raising CHF 4 million with multiple venture capital firms from Switzerland and abroad. The new capital adds up to the 86 million euros invested by the European Space Agency into the ClearSpace-1 mission due to take place in 2025.

For Luc Piguet, co-founder and CEO of ClearSpace, the closing of this investment round is a decisive step in a great adventure. “We are delighted to be able to count on the support of such great partners. Having the confidence of experimented investors such as Swisscom, Dedicated, The Flying Object Fund, Graph Ventures and Urania Ventures, along with various private investors and family offices, is a tremendous advancement for ClearSpace. Their commitment allows us to accelerate our efforts to build space sustainability for the future”.

ClearSpace set the mission to remove space debris that is orbiting at 7 Kilometers per second at more than 600 Kilometer above sea level. In collaboration with renowned industrial partners, the team focuses on developing state-of-the-art technologies for sensor fusion, autonomous navigation and space robotics, integrating them into an agile chaser. The mission called ClearSpace-1 is scheduled for 2025.

The new capital injection will flow into the development of the robot cleaner and support the company’s international activities. The new funds add to the investment from European Space Agency (ESA) to accelerate the ClearSpace-1 mission.

Res Witschi, Swisscom’s delegate for sustainable digitization: "We are convinced that space debris removal plays a crucial role in enabling sustainable access to space and operations of satellite constellations. Telecommunication and environmental monitoring are among the oldest and most important applications of satellites in space. After all, at the current pace at which satellites are being deployed to space, humanity risks losing access to space due to an imminent chain reaction of colliding space debris. We are proud to be supporting ClearSpace on its journey to enable sustainable space operations.”

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