What is the goal of startupticker?

Startupticker wants to offer a journalistic platform to successful Swiss start-ups and provide founders, supporters and the general public with a news platform through which they learn all the important news from the young Swiss entrepreneur scene. We also provide comprehensive information on funding organisations. We want to strengthen the Swiss start-up scene by making exciting Swiss companies known and creating transparency. The reporting is based on high quality journalistic criteria and values. The editorial team is independent.

What roles do the website, weekly newsletter and social media play?

The website offers the four to six most important daily news items from the Swiss start-up scene. Our Friday newsletter rounds up the action of the week and also includes upcoming events and training. When it comes to social media, we are particularly active on Twitter. Alongside tips on our news and events, we tweet and retweet constantly on news from the start-up environment.

What type of news does startupticker report?

We report on news from ambitious and innovative Swiss start-ups and support organisations. Each article on startupticker has a hook; for start-ups, this is usually the achievement of an important milestone, such as gaining a major customer, completion of a financing round, winning an award, completion of a major partnership or launch of an innovative project. We report on start-ups from all industries that have the potential and ambition to become internationally successful and to develop into a SME with more than 20 employees in the forseeable future. 

My start-up has just taken a giant step forward. How do I get the news to startupticker?

You may contact the editorial staff by telephone, email or Twitter. In addition, you can also upload news directly on to our platform, after you have registered. For reasons of efficiency, it is best if you provide us with written input (in English, German or French). We need a description of the news and why it is important to your business, and, in addition, a paragraph on what your start-up does. If you are unsure about anything, you can call us or send a draft; we will then contact you.

What type of news does Startupticker not report?

As we focus exclusively on news, we do not publish tips or how-to-lists. We do not include portraits of start-ups. In addition, the news must have a certain relevance; we publish just the most important news on our website. We do not report, for example, on product improvements, trade fairs or the redesign of a company website.

We also do not include advertising in our articles. We do not make product recommendations, or urge our readers not to buy certain products or involve themselves in certain companies. We do not publish articles about the launch of crowdfunding campaigns or financing rounds, nor do we carry vacancies at start-ups.

We do not carry articles on hobby projects or me-too businesses – unless they are extremely successful. We only report about companies that are already incorporated. At least one of the funders must work 100% for the start-up.

We don't report about subsidiaries and joint ventures of corporations and older SME and as we focus on Switzerland, we do not write about foreign companies.

Do you publish all events and training sessions on the website?

Basically, we publish event information that explicitly targets start-ups or smaller technology companies. We do not publish information on foreign events or on events without having any apparent connection to start-ups.

How does the platform acquire the data?

The easiest way is to upload the data yourself. Please make sure that you fill in the form completely and upload a logo of the organiser.

What is the difference between an ‘event’ and ‘training’?

Events have a large number of participants, several programme points and networking opportunities. Training provides a narrowly defined content; typical training sessions include seminars, courses, workshops, webinars and further education opportunities.